Saturday, April 6, 2013

Nollywood Stars now plays Pornographic Act

A number of Nollywood stars are now venturing into hard core pornographic roles. And they are being helped by smart producers and marketers, who use the internet to ensure such movies reach as wide an audience as possible.

Nollywood English movies
like Room 027, Bold 5 Babes, Bedroom Assassin and Taboo! Pastor fornicates in the office are among such pornographic films.
It is also mind-boggling how the industry has sunk in depravity, by even churning out gay movies.
Two examples are Pregnant Hawkers and Sinful Act 1&2 as well as a Yoruba movie, Lesbian.
They all feature known and upcoming Nollywood figures, who engage in pornographic roles with little care in the world.

This call got mixed reactions from the public but it did not stop the producers of movies like Room 027 and Bold 5 Babes.
Fans of controversial actress, Tonto Dikeh, showed their disdain when they saw her in two different soft pornography movies. But the actress defended herself in an online interview, where she said, “Only the ignorant and pretentious souls would criticise this lovely movie. It is a film, it’s a job that has to be done. I accepted the script because when I see a good film in the making, I appreciate it.